Help pass AB2026

Under existing law, when a homeowner seeks to sell their home in place, the park owner has a right to approve the potential buyer as a renter of the park space. Unfortunately, some opportunistic park owners have exploited the law’s vague terms to unfairly interfere with the sales of manufactured homes, either by imposing difficult standards for income or credit worthiness, or not cooperating with the seller.


CPUC reaches decision on utilities

The CPUC has issued its decision on the process for converting master-metered parks to parks that have individual meters for the local utility.  The process will not happen overnight and will be phased in based on need, age of park, and other factors.


Report on "Free Market" in rent control

CEMV has prepared an analysis of the "free market" on mobile home rent control.  As it is defined and explained, there is no "free market" in mobile home rent control and mobile home sales, and CEMV has prepared a report to discuss this reality.  Feel free to download the report and share it with friends.

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